You Don’t Need a Ferrari

Ferrari is a great car. But it’s not for everyone. That’s why you don’t see them too often on the roads.

Wait… what does Ferrari have to do with web design and online marketing?

Well, very often when I chat with business owners about their websites and online marketing strategies, they compare websites with cars.

“We don’t need a Ferrari”, they would say. “Just build us something simple”.

Of course, from my perspective as an online marketer, comparing websites with cars is not appropriate.

But I understand why we use cars for comparisons and metaphors. Cars are everywhere and we can all relate.

So, when I hear it from a business owner, then this is how I reply:

Comparing your website to your car is appropriate only in 1 situation – when you don’t consider the road conditions. 

If you compare your website to your car, then compare your market to your roads. If you have a lot of competition in your business (ie. your market is a ‘highway’), and all your competitors have ‘fast Ferarri websites’, then that’s the least you need for your business too (considering that you want to be on the same playing field).

On the other extreme – if your business is in a ‘super niche’, with little competition, then there is no reason to invest time and money into a ‘Ferrari website’, – an efficient Toyota will do just fine 🙂

(Pay careful attention to the wording ‘efficient Toyota’ and not a ‘fully-loaded Chevy’. Might be similar price, but different result. Think about that for a moment.)


Find this comparison strange?  Let me know what you think below.

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