Useful products and services that we recommend for website owners.

We are often being asked for recommendations on tools and services that help to make business better. Below is a list of companies that we personally use. Have a look and give them a try in your business. Please note that in some instances we  might be part of affiliate programs with some of these companies, which means that if you purchase their services, then we might receive a small compensation in return.


Acuity Scheduling is a solid choice if you are looking for an online scheduling software. Essentially this software can automate all activities related to scheduling, re-scheduling and cancelling appointments with your customers. They also make it easy to charge for appointments and send automated Email and SMS reminders. Get the free trial to see its power. VISIT ACUITY SCHEDULING


Shopify is an ecommerce website system that allows you to set up an online store. You can pick a ready-made ecommerce website template, list your products, accept credit card orders, and ship your goods – via a simple interface. They make it easy to sell you products online and you don’t need to install or maintain any software. Plus, it is inexpensive compared to other solutions. In our opinion it is the easiest to use ecommerce platform on the market. VISIT SHOPIFY

Email Marketing

Setup a free account with Klaviyo, a leading platform for Ecommerce Email Marketing. It integrates with any ecommerce store and allows to gather information about your customers and website visitors in order to follow up with them automatically via email. We love their integration with Shopify. VISIT KLAVIO

Project Management

Teamwork Project Manager is an easy-to-use online teamwork & project management software application that helps managers, staff and clients work together more productively online. You can easily track time you spend working on projects, assign tasks to others in your team, create milestones and store files related to the project. When we started using Teamwork, our internal process became so much smoother as we were able to specify more details inside each task. VISIT TEAMWORK

Logo Design Service

48 Hours Logo offers affordable logo design services. The best part is that you get logo designs from dozens of designers – and you pay only for the one you love. VISIT 48 HOURS LOGO

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