Content is king, the information on your website is a defining feature of its success.

According to one oft-cited adage, “A bad website with good copywriting will perform better than a great one with poor copywriting.”

Unfortunately, content is almost always the most neglected aspect of a website. Business owners overestimate their ability to collect and write content, leaving marketing projects weak and incomplete. Even when the information is there, it is frequently poorly-worded and disorganized, failing to communicate the right message to existing and potential clients.

Optimize text to ensure your message attracts customers.

  • Optimizing pages describing your company’s services or products
  • Writing blog articles about your business or industry
  • Preparing email newsletter content to send to your customers
  • Editing your existing text content

What is the difference between a regular page and an article?

  • A regular web page typically describes your company, your services or your products. Although regular pages have important components, they are generally simple in structure.
  • An article page usually explores a business concept or a presents a discussion of something new in your industry. As such, article writing usually entails a greater degree of research and more creativity in writing.

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