Maximizing Search Engines for Business with Local Listings

What are Local Listings? When a user makes a search, the engine will automatically group and list results that are in the user’s local geographical area. These are called Local Listings and are also ranked. Generally, they appear near the top of the page, providing great exposure for your company. Best of all, the service … Read more

Growing Your Business With Twitter

What is Twitter? Twitter is a social networking tool that allows for real-time communication between users. You can post updates or messages in 140 characters or less (sometimes known as “micro-blogging”) and your followers are instantly notified. This is a great way to network on-the-go, since you can “tweet” from your mobile phone or any … Read more

The Mobile Revolution: What Every Business Needs to Know

In the novel Time’s Eye (co-written by two giants of science fiction Arthur C. Clarke and Stephen Baxter), the protagonist uses a cellphone that connects her with every part of the planet and provides her with, among other things, on-demand information about anything she needs. Although the novel is set in 2037, it appears that we’ve already … Read more

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