What is Remarketing and how can it help my website? [VIDEO]

Remarketing is a way to show ads to users who have visited your website in the past.

Imagine a potential customer, lets call him Joe, is visiting your website.

He is browsing through your website’s pages and reading about your products and services. Then, he decides to contact you and give you the business.

However, something happens, and Joe gets distracted. He turns to check his email and gets away from his computer. By the time he is back to his computer, Joe doesn’t remember where he left off, and goes back to doing his usual work.

What happened to Joe, your potential customer? Well, if your business has lots of competing websites online, then there is a very high chance that Joe will never be your customer. He may resume his search again, later. He may, or may not find your website again.

That’s where Remarketing comes into play.

Imagine that same Joe who visited your website (but forgot about you) is browsing the Internet again, a day or a week later. As he visits different websites on the Internet, he suddenly begins to see advertising from your company. A small graphical banner here. A short text ad there. And they all mention your company. “Interesting”, Joe thinks, and clicks on one of the ads. When he gets to your website, he remembers!

What happened?

You ‘re-engaged’ that prospect. You helped him remember. You followed-up with him. And now, you’ve increase the odd of getting Joe’s business by 300%.

That’s what Remarketing is about.

Watch the video below to learn more about Remarketing:

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