Website Design Process

Your time and resources are valuable, so we do our best to keep the process simple and structured. A structured process allows us to offer higher quality websites at an affordable price.

1. Analyze Your Current Situation

The best place to start is with your current situation. During our first meeting, you will share with us your current business situation and your future business goals. If you have an existing website, we will perform a website audit to determine areas of improvement. After we complete this analysis, we will share with you a Proposal document that summarizes your current situation and how we can help your business move forward.

2. Review & Confirm Proposal

Next, you will take time to review your Proposal and ask any questions you might have. After you review and approve the Proposal, we will sign a contract, setup a payment schedule, shake hands and begin to work!

3. Submit a Project Brief

Next we will break down all requirements into actionable steps and prepare a document called a Project Brief. The Project Brief will serve as our guideline to what needs to be done and how it should be done. It will include guidelines for design, content and technical functionality. At this planning stage its important to make final amendments and finalize all project goals. You will need to approve this document to proceed.

4. Collect Content

There is a popular saying in the marketing world that Content is King. Good design is always structured around content, so we take the next step to collect and organize all your material, which might include text, photos and video. If you don’t have an visual material, then we will recommend purchasing inexpensive stock photography from an online photo store.

5. Create Designs & Approve

Based on the details of the Project Brief, we will prepare graphical web design mockups and send the website designs for your review and approval. You will go through the web page designs and may suggest changes which will be done and sent back for your second review. After the website design is to your liking, you will give us an approval to proceed further.

6. Code Website Pages

Once the design is approved we begin programming the website pages into HTML and CSS. During this stage the graphical website designs are turned into working web pages, with links and basic functionality.

7. Integrate with CMS

Once the coding of website pages is done, we will integrate them into a Content Management System which will give life to the website. Depending on your requirements, the features might include self website editing, ecommerce store, photo gallery, interactive features, web forms, etc. If your website includes large content areas, like product catalogs, then they might be entered into the website system at this stage as well.

8. Test Website

Next, the finished version of the website becomes available for you to test. You will go over the website functionality and confirm that everything required is completed and that the website is now ready to be launched to the web.

9. Launch Website

Once the testing is completed we launch the website and make it live on the Internet. If you need related services, such as emails and website statistic tracking, we will activate them at this stage as well.

10. Get Training

It’s exciting to see your website become available for the world to see. We will schedule a 1-hour training session where we show you how to use your new website. You will learn how to make small website updates, how to check your website statistics and ask any questions you might have.

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