Using Video and YouTube for Business

Embrace the Video

Statistics show that 99% of people prefer to watch a video rather than read text. Okay, I made that up – but you get the point. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video with 24 pictures per second is worth… you can do the math. Videos are undoubtedly the best medium for getting your message across. TV commercials are consistently shown to be the most effective advertising tool. No wonder a 30-second Super Bowl spot costs $3 million! Clearly, video works.

It’s Never Been Easier

Producing videos has never been easier. Today, a professional high-definition camera can be bought at any neighbourhood store – even your local Wal-Mart – for just a couple hundred dollars. If that sounds like too much, a $20 web-cam can make for great videos, too. There is a plethora of easy-to-use (and free) video-editing software that can turn any short clip into a masterpiece.

And The Business Applications are Endless

How can you use video? Here are just a few ideas from the vast sea of possibilities:

– Video of your product in use, or a video-review, or even an online infomercial
– Self-help or training video
– Add a personal touch with a video-tour of your office, or interview employees
– Video testimonials are a lot more powerful – and believable – than a text blurb
– Offer your own expert advice for all to see
– Do you keep getting calls for assistance with the same product? Make a video!
– The good, old-fashioned video commercial

Make Use of YouTube

YouTube is a great place to post your videos. It is one of the top-ten sites on the web, with over 2 billion videos viewed every day! Best of all, Google now shows video results when using its search engine, and these are conspicuously near the top of the page (go ahead, try it out). This is significant because your competition has a website, too, and you can bet they are doing search engine optimization. But how many of them have videos? In most cases, the answer is none of them. Your video will likely come up to the top of the page, leaving your competitors in the dust. Remember: people want to watch videos. Your business will get a huge amount of exposure, and your website will follow with a sizable boost in traffic.

Furthermore, YouTube allows you to create your own channel. This is a unique page where all of your videos can be found. Your clients can subscribe to your channel and receive notifications with each of your new video releases. It is also a convenient outlet for communicating with your customer base, where they can leave comments, ask questions and recommend your videos to others. Over time, a channel will help you build a dedicated community.

Use Other Social Media

The great thing about a video is its flexibility. You can post the same video on your Facebook page, LinkedIn profile, YouTube channel, your own website and a host of other web-spaces. And of course, it’s all free. Who knows – your clip just might go viral!

Quick Tips For Posting Videos on YouTube

You want your video to be found easily. The key to this are the right keywords. So, make sure the tags on your video are many, and as specific as possible. One feature that is often over-looked is a nice, long descriptive paragraph. Load it with keywords. Also, don’t forget to put a link to your website there! Lastly, challenge your audience to comment on your video – this will go a long way in making your production a hit.


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