The 7 Musts of YouTube Marketing

Uploading videos to YouTube is easy – anyone can do it these days. But of course, simply adding videos to your YouTube channel doesn’t guarantee they will get viewed. There are far more factors at play. The smart folks at…

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6 Proven Ways to Boost the Conversion Rates of Your Call-to-Action Buttons

You already know that website visitors who don’t click – don’t convert! Your visitors can’t get through your checkout process or signup form without clicking at least one button. And that one button – like all of your buttons –…

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5 Tactics for Content Creators to Increase Content Consumption

As a website owner, you can produce the best content in the world, but if it doesn’t break through the clutter and motivate your target audience to want to read it, it holds little value, no matter how well written…

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Landing Page Improvement = High Adwords Quality Score

The three main metrics that make up a keyword’s quality score are click-through-rate, ad relevance, and landing page relevance. Because they can be optimized directly within an Adwords campaign, click-through-rate and ad relevance are the focus for many PPC advertisers…

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Google’s Hummingbird Algorithm is Good News

There’s no question that the Hummingbird algorithm is only the beginning of change in search optimization, but smart content creators can be prepared to thrive in this — and any — environment that may come in the future. This release is…

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How Local Businesses Should Tackle Social Media

The most frequently asked question posed these days at events, webinars and new client meetings is “What is the best social media platform for my local business?” Research shows social channels are becoming more important signals in major search engine…

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Video Takes Over The World [Infographic]

Video is becoming the preferred way for website users to understand your content, products and services. In a world of information overload, website visitors prefer graphical and animated content, as opposed to reading static text. View the graphic below for…

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Did Hummingbird Eat Link Building?

Panda squashed bad content. Penguin froze low-quality links. And now, did Hummingbird eat link building? Hummingbird wasn’t just another algorithm update. It was more a re-tooling, behind-the-scenes adjustment to make Google faster and smarter. And it most likely opens the…

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20+ Tips For Creating Interesting Facebook Content

If you’re like most bloggers, coming up with a blog posts could sometimes be extremely demanding, as you are required to discover fresh content regularly. And the same is true with posting on Facebook pages. Aside from running out of…

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How Logo Color Affects Business Results [INFOGRAPHIC]

The colors that you choose for your company branding will have an affect on your businesses results in the future. Your customers interact with colors visually but tend to perceive them emotionally. As such, you will need to evaluate which…

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