5 Steps to Prepare Your Website for Holidays

Most of us decorate our homes and business for the holiday season, but are there things you need to do to get your website ready? You bet! Read below to learn about the steps you should take to prepare your website for the holiday season. List Your Customers’ Holidays Start by making a list of holidays … Read more

Avoid These 7 Common Rip-Offs with SEO Services

Succeeding as a business in our modern world means having an online presence. And that means that your website needs to be easy to find. The best way to ensure your website isn’t in hiding is through Search Engine Optimization (SEO). What does that mean? In essence, SEO ensures that your website content has keywords … Read more

Consumer Barometer

The Consumer Barometer is a tool to help you understand how people use the Internet across the world. You can view research findings in beautiful charts and build your own analysis to understand how people use the Internet. Visit: https://www.consumerbarometer.com

6 Ways to Boost Website Conversion

  As marketers and business owners, we typically put a lot of time, money and other resources into building a full-time marketing strategy. Yet we often neglect to have a closer look at conversion numbers. A recent article written by a usability expert, suggests a systematic approach to improving website conversion by following 6 simple steps. Read … Read more

Can’t decide regarding VIDEO to promote your business?

Read these Myths and Realities Think video is complicated and expensive? Well, think again! Video production tools and techniques have evolved over the past 5 years and nowadays there is little excuse left for not using this proven tool. Read the infographic below to learn interesting facts related to video use in business.

The 7 Musts of YouTube Marketing

Uploading videos to YouTube is easy – anyone can do it these days. But of course, simply adding videos to your YouTube channel doesn’t guarantee they will get viewed. There are far more factors at play. The smart folks at Pixability studied the 100 top brands and how they use YouTube. And… what did they … Read more

6 Proven Ways to Boost the Conversion Rates of Your Call-to-Action Buttons

You already know that website visitors who don’t click – don’t convert! Your visitors can’t get through your checkout process or signup form without clicking at least one button. And that one button – like all of your buttons – can be improved on. But we fail to optimize calls to action for simple reasons … Read more

Landing Page Improvement = High Adwords Quality Score

The three main metrics that make up a keyword’s quality score are click-through-rate, ad relevance, and landing page relevance. Because they can be optimized directly within an Adwords campaign, click-through-rate and ad relevance are the focus for many PPC advertisers while, all too often, landing page relevance is disregarded altogether. Read the full article here

What is Remarketing and how can it help my website? [VIDEO]

Remarketing is a way to show ads to users who have visited your website in the past. Imagine a potential customer, lets call him Joe, is visiting your website. He is browsing through your website’s pages and reading about your products and services. Then, he decides to contact you and give you the business. However, something … Read more

Maximizing Search Engines for Business with SEO

Search engines, such as Google and Bing, are fundamental tools in promoting your business online. There are three major factors to consider: search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising and local listings. The merits of each will be explored in a three-part series. The first focuses on search engine optimization. What is Search Engine Optimization? Known as … Read more

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