Ecommerce Website Redesign Project

ArtResin offers a unique art products for creative people. However, their old website focused too much on the features of the product, which made the website boring and not inspiring. So, to reach their ‘creative’ clients, we designed a new website that showcases the results that clients can expect from using ArtResin products. The outcome? After launching the new website, the conversions on e-commerce orders doubled within one month.

“With the new website we dramatically increased our conversion rate. He was making design decisions based on usability and behaviour. You get measurable results to see if you are getting a good ROI. It was a great exercise.”

Dave Zak

Artist & Entrepreneur, ArtResin

Responsive Ecommerce Website Design

The website was built for optimal display on smart phones and tablets. This ensures that the full experience of the website is maintained across all devices. The website is powered by Shopify and uses a customized theme design.

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